Porto and Maia City

With a subway station just 5 minutes away, set out to discover and get to know the unique and award-winnig Porto City.


Designed for all those who want to have fun, Porto offers a wide range of options for you!

Go to the “Verdes” station 300m from the Hotel and take the E line (purple) towards Trindade station, get off in the heart of the city!

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Visit Porto

casa da música

Watch a concert at Casa da Música


caves de vinho do porto

Pay a visit to the best wine museum in the world!


livraria lello

The oldest bookstore in Porto, for more than a century being one of the most important showcases of Portuguese literature!


fundação serralves

Visit the Serralves Foundation, one of the most successful and consolidated cultural projects in the country!


Porto bridge climb

Climb the Arrábida bridge with the Porto Bridge Climb and enjoy the best and most emblematic views of the city. A program made for the most adventurous.


Estádio do Dragão e Museu do Futebol Clube do Porto

Stadium of many national and international matches, Estádio do Dragão also hosts several musical events and a museum that portrays the entire history of the club from Porto, assuming itself as a sports and cultural point of reference for the city and the region.


Visit Maia

Maia Zoo

The Maia Zoo is located right in the heart of the city of Maia and is made up of a collection of more than 600 animals of 200 different species. Thus, everyone is invited to visit our facilities, come across all the news and verify that Nature like this still exists after all. Zoo da Maia has the largest and best equipped reptile house in the country. In it you can see the most fearsome reptiles in the world, such as snakes and crocodiles, and observe others that make us think that we are returning to the time of the dinosaurs, such as the Iguanas.

Rua da Igreja/ Rua da Estação 4470 Cidade da Maia

+351 229 442 303

Zoo da Maia

Fundação Gramaxo

The Gramaxo Foundation is located in Quinta da Boa Vista, in the center of Maia. Due to the antiquity and social, political and religious relevance of this family, residing for over 350 years in the Municipality of Maia, in order to preserve its interesting 17th century housing complex and, wishing to promote leisure, arts and local culture, By the will of Maria de Fátima Gramaxo, in 2013 the Gramaxo Foundation was created.

Rua Conselheiro Costa Aroso 601, 4470-590 Cidade da Maia

+351 229 448 146

Fundação Gramaxo

Quinta da Gruta

Housed in a romantic palace from the early 20th century and surrounded by leafy gardens, is the Environmental Complex of Quinta da Gruta. After an architectural intervention by the Architect João Álvaro Rocha, the house is currently the mother house of the entire environmental strategy of the Municipality of Maia.

Rua João Maia 540, 4475-643 Castêlo da Maia

+351 229 867 180

Museu de História e Etnologia da Terra da Maia

Building probably built in the 18th century. Simple, traditional two-story design. Until 1902 it functioned as administrative headquarters – Paços do Concelho. In 2001 it was inaugurated as the Museum of History and Ethnology of the Land of Maia. With four different rooms for the theme and permanent exhibition on the occupation of the territory and other rooms dedicated to temporary exhibitions.

Praça 5 de Outubro, 4475-601 Castêlo da Maia

+351 229 871 144

Municipal Aerodrome of Vilar de Luz

Located in an area of ​​exceptional scenic beauty, just 10 km from the center of Maia, it has a modern and functional airport building, such as the Aeroclube do Porto, the company NORTÁVIA, a pilot training school, the company SKYDIVE, a pilot training school, skydivers and parachute jumps.

Rua de Vilar de Luz 1700, 4425-403 Folgosa Maia

+351 229 687 322

Equestrian Center of Maia

Equestrian Center of Maia organizes and carries out its activities that has excellent infrastructure for practicing the various disciplines related to riding and for hosting major events such as the national championship.

Rua de Amaro Correia e Sá, 4475-143 Silva Escura – Maia

+351 229 060 526

Centro Equestre da Maia

Shopping in Porto

Marques Soares

Located in the heart of Porto city, Marques Soares is one of the oldest clothing, footwear, accessories and perfumery stores in the city of Porto. Here you can find various luxury brands such as Armani, Bottega Veneta, Barbour, Carolina Herrera, Montblanc, Ralph Lauren.

Rua das Carmelitas 92, 4050-693 Porto

+351 222 042 200

Marques Soares

Mercearia das Flores

Located on Rua das Flores, it sells quality Portuguese products through small producers, selling regional and organic products such as preserves, cheeses, charcuterie, olive oils, wines, honey and even convent sweets.

Rua das Flores 110, 4050-263 Porto

+351 222 083 232

Mercearia das Flores

Pérola do Bolhão

The store that hasn’t changed much since 1917 and which maintains one of the most imposing and eye-catching facades in the city. The pearl of Bolhão is the grocery store that makes us travel back in time the most.

Rua Formosa 279, 4000-252 Porto

+351 222 004 009

A vida Portuguesa

Antique, genuine and delicious products of Portuguese creation is thus the slogan of the Portuguese store that sells products from various categories: books, stationery, groceries, jewelry, garden and clothing.

Rua Cândido dos Reis 36, 4050-151 Porto

+351 222 022 105

A Vida Portuguesa

Porto at Night

Bonaparte Downtown

Bonaparte Downtown is a typical Irish pub with an alternative spirit and decor, 80’s music and giant screens. It offers a varied menu of drinks and food. Anyone who comes to the Bonaparte will find every reason to come back!

Praça Guilherme Gomes Fernandes 40, 4050-150 Porto

+351 220 962 852

HotFive Downtown

Another stage was born in the city that will be filled with music and energy! Where the charismatic Cinema Nun’Alvares used to be – a place of worship in Porto since the 1950s – will now be our (and yours!) Hot Five Jazz&Blues Club.

Largo Actor Dias 51, 4000-192 Porto

+351 934 328 583

Casa do Livro

A space where the timelessness of books and the variety of different musical sounds, either by guest DJs or live concerts, contribute to awakening new senses.

Rua da Galeria de Paris 85, 4050-639 Porto
+351 919 676 969

Plano B

One of the objectives of this club is to offer a physical space with good conditions for holding exhibitions of plastic arts, design and architecture, congresses, gatherings and workshops, theater, concerts – from jazz to rock, passing through electronics or experimental music, cycles of film and documentaries.

Rua Cândido dos Reis 30, 4050-152 Porto

+351 222 012 500

Parks and Gardens

Porto City Park

With an extension of 85 hectares, the City of Porto park contains the largest park in the country and has a very sophisticated design accompanied by lakes, fauna and flora integrated into the heart of the city.

Estrada Interior da Circunvalação, 4100-083 Porto

Bonatic Garden

Created in 1951, the Botanical Garden is a place of high ecological, aesthetic and reference interest in the city. It concentrates three different levels and unparalleled beauty.

Rua do Campo Alegre 1191, 4150-181 Porto

Crystal Palace Gardens

Very pleasant garden with the best views over the Douro River and the sea with its strategically positioned observation points. A garden not to be missed!

Rua Dom Manuel II, 4050-346 Porto

Base Porto

BASE is an urban garden. By Nature we are sun, sky, moon, grass and trees. For the city we are architecture, lights, movement, fascination and seduction. In this perfect balance there is always room for joy, friends and lots of music.

Base - Quiosque Jardim, Passeio dos Clérigos, R. das Carmelitas 151, 4050-163 Porto

+351 913459818

Base Porto


Casa do Infante

So named because Henry, the Navigator was born there, Casa do Infante allows, along with an interpretation of the national monument, the discovery of traces of Roman occupation, medieval and modern, with emphasis on the former Royal Customs House and Mint that there they had their services installed for several centuries.

Rua da Alfândega 10, 4050-029 Porto

+351 222 060 400

Casa do Infante

Centro Português de Fotografia

The Portuguese Photography Center (CPF) has existed since 1997, as a public service created by the then Ministry of Culture, to ensure a national policy for photography. It is currently supervised by the Directorate-General for Books, Archives and Libraries and its mission is to safeguard, value and promote the photographic heritage.

Largo Amor de Perdição 4050-008 Porto

+351 220 046 300

Centro Português de Fotografia

Museu do Carro Elétrico

The Museu do Carro Eléctrico assumes the mission of preserving, conserving and interpreting, for the benefit of the public, specimens and artefacts that illustrate and represent the history and development of urban public transport on rails in the city of Porto. Through the investigation and exhibition of its collections, the organization of exhibitions and programs of a cultural nature, the Museu do Carro Eléctrico offers its audiences the opportunity to learn, experience and get to know firsthand the history, development and socio-economic impact of public transport on rails in the city of Porto.

Alameda de Basílio Teles 51, 4050-127 Porto

+351 226 158 185

Museu do Carro Elétrico

Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis

Considered the oldest public art museum in Portugal, it was built in 1833 on the initiative of the regent D. Pedro Duque de Bragança. Located in the Palácio das Carrancas, where illustrious characters from the history of Portugal resided, such as General Soult, the Duke of Wellington or Dom Pedro IV. In 1911 it was renamed Museu Soares dos Reis in honor of the well-known sculptor. It is the most important museum in the city of Porto and you can not only observe the sculpture and painting collections that date back to the 19th century, but also rest in the beautiful gardens that surround this imposing palace. Undoubtedly a mandatory stop.

Rua Dom Manuel II 44, 4050-522 Porto

+351 223 393 770

Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis

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