A nossa Equipa

Meet our crew

Young and dynamic, handpicked to provide a quality service. Ongoing training is important, as is personal development. Get to know the faces of our departments.

Paula Mourão

Commercial CEO

With a strong sense of leadership, adaptability and analytical skills, Paula Mourão has been in the hotel business for over 20 years and has extensive knowledge in various branches of the hotel market. It is the right-hand of the administration and leaves no room for error.

Member of the team before the opening of the hotel in 2018, she accompanied the entire project, was and is a key member for the success of its opening and continuous development.

Andreia Lopes

FrontDesk Manager

Attentive, insightful and multifaceted, there are countless qualities that we recognize daily in their hard work and performance. A member of the team since August 2021, Andreia has already passed through the F&B department, presenting his skills as a nutritionist, his base course.

Today she leads the entire reception team at the hotel, a function she performs with the utmost responsibility.

André Silva

F&B Manager

André is a dedicated professional committed to the hospitality industry. Since the beginning of his career, he has shown a preference for working on night breakfast shifts, where he was responsible for monitoring and managing everything that involves preparing breakfast.

He joined the team in April 2019 and over the years, his coordination, dedication and organization skills have been widely recognized and today he leads a team with only 28 years old.

Cátia Cerqueira

Housekeeping Manager

Owner of an irreproachable passion for cleanliness, she excels in everything she does, having an eye for detail, she cannot see dirt anywhere, always ensuring that the hotel is impeccably clean and organized. Cátia is a highly experienced and dedicated hospitality professional, whose skills have brought her an adoration for pleasant smells and fragrant environments, always choosing the best products.

She has been part of the team since September 2018 and since then she has embraced the project with great devotion.

Helena Rajão

Laundry Manager

Since the beginning of her professional career, Helena has stood out for her unrivaled ability to maintain an out-of-the-ordinary organization and excellent cleanliness in her workplace and the clothes that pass through her. She is known for being extremely demanding about the quality of the clothes and does not allow the presence of stains, always successfully eliminating them.

With the team since October 2018, she was the one who exemplarily inaugurated the facilities of Lavandaria Oporto.

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